I started this journey on January 28, 2013. I was getting ready to turn 49 in February and realized I would be 50 years old in a year!!! I decided it was high time to get myself healthy before my 50th birthday.

I love food and hate diets, so while researching options, I decided to go with the Atkins diet. While I would have to give up carbs, I could still eat really good food and not be so worried with portions, only carb counts. I love to cook, so this was a new cooking adventure for me. I have researched on the internet for low carb recipes, as well as making my favorite recipes "carb friendly".

Thanks for following me on my journey - I have a long way to go, but am motivated to get there!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Thoughts worth sharing...

I want to mention that since I started the diet in the last week of January, I have lost 14 pounds!!  I have noticed that my knees don't hurt anymore and I don't get that "bloated" feeling after a meal.  I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I can see my ankle bones again!  I've done some research and found out that carbohydrates can carry inflammation to the joints, and water.  The other cool thing about the low carb diet, is being able to eat fats!!  I found out there is a scientific explanation for this.  If you are not eating carbs, the fat does not get absorbed!!  Very cool!!  When your body needs energy, it will always get it from the carbs you eat first.  If you aren't eating carbs, your body burns brown fat - also known as "Ketosis".  I feel like I'm not only losing weight, I'm getting smarter!!  ;)

OK, some thoughts I want to share.


I'm a creature of convenience, so what works for me is deciding what recipes I'm going to make for the week and on the weekend, do my shopping and cooking.  I make a breakfast casserole of some sort and a lunch type casserole from the recipes I have.  Then I cut them in the serving size portions and wrap them - then put them in the fridge.  Then my breakfast and lunch are EASY!!!  Then for dinner I can just cook a chicken breast or steak and have some veggies or salad. 


Eating out is no problem on the low carb diet!!!  There are usually low carb choices on the menu and you can even request that you have that grilled chicken sandwich with no bread with a side salad or broccoli instead of fries.  Tell the server "Do not bring the bread to the table!".  Even at McDonald's, you can order a burger without a bun, and they will serve it in a bowl on top of lettuce!  Just ask!  My favorite thing to order out is a sirloin steak or filet with grilled asparagus and a side salad!


Atkins now has a very cool website where you can track your progress, journal your meals and exercise and access tons of recipes and tips on sticking to this diet.  There is also a link where you can request the "Getting Started Kit" - I highly recommend this, it's FREE!  They will send you diet info, a little carb counter booklet and 3 of their amazing snack bars - plus coupons to get a free frozen meal (you can only find these at Walmart now) and discounts on shakes and bars.  I love the mocha latte shakes, the peanut butter fudge bars and the caramel nut bars (they taste like Snickers!).  I have tried about 6 different bars and like them all!  Most are only 2 carbs each - perfect snack and calms that craving for sweets!


If you are an internet person, you can find tons of low carb recipes online.  Usually when you are viewing a recipe, you will notice a little red square with a pretty little P in it.  If you have not seen Pinterest yet - I highly recommend it!!  I created a "board" to collect low carb recipes that I see on the internet, all you do is click the little "P" on the recipe page and it will allow you to save that recipe to your Pinterest board.  Follow mine at http://pinterest.com/moonetl/low-carb/

That's it for now - but keep following me on my journey, I'm sure I'll have some more tips.....I am trying to accept the fact that I really need to start an excercise program, haven't started that yet - but am contemplating my plan!!  I'm sure I'll have a lot of funny entries when that starts!!!!

Have a great day - Tracy

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